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Transforming Real Estate With 3D Technology

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Real Estate development, residential & commercial alike, has been around, it seems, since the beginning of time. While it is a traditional trade/profession, some of the newest and most modern technologies have entered the field of play to make it that much more intriguing.

Most recently our friends at LNG Studios, a Vancouver based architectural animation and 3D rendering company, introduced 3D scanning technology that is sure to fascinate in the real estate development and marketing domain.

LNG Studios, working directly with Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley start-up, is adopting the “state of the art technology that creates immersive experiences of interior spaces using a 3D scanner and proprietary software.”

Leon Ng, President of LNG Studios says that “Vancouver is one of the premier real estate markets in the world, with some of the savviest buyers. As technology advances, the architectural and real estate industries want the best and most cutting-edge tools and we believe that 3D scanning is the wave of the future. It’s the first practical application for this type of technology and we’re very excited to be at the forefront.”