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Survival Bunkers

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Well, with the passing of the much beloved Dick Clark, there have been many people joking (or being serious) that since we can no longer ring in the new year with the man who made the New Year countdown in Times Square famous then the Mayan Calendar was right and the end of time as we know it is near. Now, making any assumptions as to the ‘average person’ believing or disbelieving in the end of the world being near would be presumptuous here, however, clearly there are enough world citizens that might be living in fear and readying themselves for whatever shall come to pass. Why else would a survival condo

that is encapsulated within a bunker on an old missile base in the U.S of A sell out!? Of course, it is laughable when the developer Larry Hall explains that getting a mortgage approved for this unorthodox living arrangement can have bankers a little…confused. One has to wonder if conditional offers based on inspection can be made here? One thing is true about these units, they’re very well thought out! So if you have a few million dollars lying around and want the safety of knowing that you and a few other millionaires will be happily tucked away on a day that can’t be predicted with 100% accuracy or you just want to be trendy and really set yourself apart, then this might be exactly what you need!