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Super Bowl 2012

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Ok. We may not all be football fans and we may not all be cheering for the same team but one thing everyone can agree on is how awesome the commercials are! These ads for 2012 are phenomenal! The one question on your mind when watching is how many millions of dollars and hours of labour have gone into them. This year the Real Estate brokerage Century 21 has gotten in on the fun, using such big names as the one and only American ‘god father’ of real estate, Donald Trump as well as Apolo Ohno, American Olympian speed skater. Such endorsements do not come cheap, but you get what you pay for right? With millions of television viewers glued to their couches on Sunday and the companies releasing their complete productions ahead of the big game there is an incredible amount of attention paid and subsequent revenue that it’s worth every penny spent. This of course drives home the importance of advertising in general! In this day and age, advertising using only one or two media forums can be quite detrimental since there are so many types of consumers. There’s the ones that want a quick tweet of 40 characters or less, the television viewer that wants to sit back and relax while making decisions on who will get their business, the savvy social media networker, the extreme researcher and the list goes on. In short and strictly in relation to Real Estate, buyers no longer have as much time to go house to house spending hours at open houses – they want to be convinced before making the trip out to the property. So grab their attention by every which way you can, using every avenue to your disposal and working with others who will take that work into their hands and off your shoulders, such as an advertiser who will Tweet, Facebook, Broadcast and distribute your listing in multiple languages! It’s the way of the future!

Here’s some more commercials, including the Donald Trump ad to keep you entertained. Might we add that as Canadians we’re happy hockey snuck itself into the SuperBowl? We’ll just pretend it’s about Molson Canadian and that it’s Ontario Canada…just for a small unfounded ego boost on the arguably biggest weekend of the year to make us feel included!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend Everyone!