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Real Estate Channel coverage of Malcom Hasman visit to Critter Care Wildlife Society

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While Malcolm Hasman has built a solid reputation as Vancouver’s Top Selling Luxury Real Estate agent, what you may not know about him is that one of his main passions is supporting wildlife preservation initiatives in British Columbia.

In particular, as Hasman notes, the Critter Care Wildlife Society is “close to my heart… These are our wild animals. This is what we are in British Columbia.”

Critter Care Wildlife Society provides wildlife rehabilitation and public education to the Greater Vancouver area. Mammals of all types from beavers to bobcats are brought to the critical care centre to be examined, healed and re-released into the wild.

As a donor to the organization, Hasman alongside Novus & Real Estate Channel Host Alyssa Dawson had the opportunity to drop by the wildlife centre speak with Executive Director and Founder Gail Martin about the organization and bring light to the need for additional donations and support. And of course, having a chance to play with the black bear cubs was an added bonus.

Check out this unforgettable (and very cute) interview above.

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