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Micro-Living EXTREME Edition?

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Vancouver-based NOMAD recently released a design of a 10’x10′, 2-level micro house outfitted with an integrated living area, kitchen, bathroom with shower and sleeping area. The video explains how it is moveable so that once purchased it can be shipped virtually anywhere without leaving a footprint. A novel idea indeed!

Is it just me or is the idea of micro housing getting out to be somewhat outlandish? This newest micro space is gaining some traction in the media because it’s got the magic words attached to it ‘affordable housing’. I won’t discount the fact that it’s very unique and breaks the mould, however, once dissected, there’s more questions to be pondered. Questions such as acquiring land, the cost of shipping, and whether one can actually live in such a small space, presumably alone, without facing bouts of serious claustrophobia. Then again, with a price tag of $25,000 we can expect much interest and intrigue in today’s market in this project. At the least, it’s a good experiment in ‘need vs want’.

Let us know, would you live in these? Interested in buying them?