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Dog Days Are Over

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Alright. If you’re a dog lover you’ll like this and perhaps even start searching companies that can build a mansion for your four legged best friend. If you like dogs as much as the next person you might want to take a breath and prepare yourself for what you’re about to see. Everyone will have a different reaction to such opulence created for dogs – as alluded to, some will be outraged at the thought of dogs having seemingly nicer ‘digs’ and some will find it simply adorable that they are all, in this case, rescue dogs that get to live a better life. Does owning pets affect your search for real estate??

I should mention here that many rental units in big cities are about 500-600 square feet when it’s generous and micro-lofts are about 375-395 square feet. The doggy mansion in this video is a comfy 500 square feet.

But this DOES beg the question, do dogs think of the American Dream just like everyone else? When kids get toys they play with the boxes, do dogs really know what a gift this is? Will there be a movie made about how even some dogs are trying to keep up with the Fido’s while other toil in their reach to the top? Obviously, I’m being purposely flippant on this issue as it is comical to see that even among our canine friends, there are the haves and the have nots! But, this at the same time, shows how important dog ownership is – almost exactly like having a child…and we’ll do anything for children after all!

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    I am glad that dog days are over now because these days weren’t helping me in any way, and I wanted to get out of a rut. I will share the details about my rut with you soon so that you can gain something from my experience.