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Derelict House Unfolds

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No matter where you go, there is bound to be an area where there exists a derelict house that is beyond repair. Those houses leave people wondering and debating over the future of the land on which said house occupies precious space. Well this is a most ingenious way to use space where a residence once stood before being neglected, abandoned or unfortunately lost to a fire or a storm.

American artist Matthew Mozzotta of the Coleman Center For The Arts and the people of York, Alabama, worked together to transform a once derelict property into creative open are theatre for all to use!

The Future Of Home Living reports that “The project was a perfect opportunity to make use of the many derelict houses around the town, and provide much needed public space to the community”

The magazine goes on to point out that “not only does the new house use materials from the old one, but it takes up significantly less space. The clever part of the design is that it’s able to open up to accommodate 100 people during performance – a process which requires four people and one and a half hours.The house itself is in a prominent location and gives the local community something to be proud of, as well as tackling the problem of abandoned houses head on.”