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Creative Condo Sales

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We have all heard ‘if you build it, they will come’, a term made famous by the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ circa 1989. Today, in 2012, in the age of instant knowledge brought to you by google, creativity in marketing can be a challenge since nearly every

thing has been done. Going over the top is almost necessary to grab an audience attention. In Real Estate though, it’s fairly cut and dry in terms of the supply being a one of life’s basic necessities, regardless of whether it’s for rent or purchase ; So stepping out of the traditional box could mean the difference between that SOLD sign being attached quickly or a sale sign getting to cozy with the seasons.

In the world of condominiums, buyers can get overwhelmed with paper brochures, renderings and dioramas of what their yet to be developed condo may or may not look like once built. Developers and agents alike work hard at setting themselves apart and ensuring potential buyers get a better understanding of what their future dwelling will offer them. Enter the marketing team! Taking the past ‘if you build it they will come’ term and our present society’s ‘fascination with reality shows’, put them together and up sprouts a real life experiment in real estate sales.

Actors, from left, John Perrotta, Jas Dhillon and Leana Yu will be spending the next six weeks living out a reality TV show behind glass walls in full view of the public in Surrey’s Central City Shopping Centre. The reality show, being dubbed as the “world’s first real-time, e-drama,” is part of a marketing campaign for a new condominium development.

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Pilothouse Real Estate Inc has unveiled an ‘out of the box’ idea at Surrey’s Central City Centre where for 45 days, actors will co-habitate in a life size condo encased in glass windows to show case a sample of a new condominium development. Essentially, they’re like fish in a fish bowl with shoppers stopping by to peer into their lives without the ability to interfere. The ‘show’ will be streamed live over the internet while actors play out real life situations that are only partially scripted while giving potential buyers a view of how the space works along with its functionality. Of course since this is a spin on reality television it wouldn’t be complete without an appearance made by a reality television star! Gillian Harris of BC who was on The Bachelor and later became the star of her own season of The Bachelorette will be visiting the condo to help promote the ‘show’. Let’s see what’s next in real estate marketing! Somehow there’s a sense that this might have opened a pandora’s box of sorts – and when it comes to adding reality television, nearly anything goes!