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Billionaire’s Building

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It appears that in real estate these days, we have two completely opposite spectrums. On the one end, there are micro lofts being built as small as 200sq ft, providing usually the basic necessity of shelter and a location a young urban professional would be thrilled by. These range from $700/month to $900 as they’ve been generally hailed by renters. On the other, there is extreme opulence, pomp and circumstance such as in the case of this building, said to be the tallest on the horizon of the New York Skyline. For the view, the cost is a whopping $6000- $8000 per square foot. A building one can only describe as ‘for billionaires by billionaires’. Alas, we can also say, when it comes to real estate, there’s something for everyone. Watch as CNN takes you through this stunning new tower.