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City In 3D

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Walking along the downtown streets of Vancouver, Toronto, New York and other heavily populated cities one might think that there isn’t a square foot of space left for any more developments – but then, here come the developers! Maximizing on architecture that focuses on smart use of space and building up, not out, what we consider tiny bits of land become prime real estate to add to the city skyline.

The BC Place dome, above, was torn down and the building given a new design just after the 2010 Olympics.

Most recently, Vancouver got the enormous addition of the new BC Place structure which lights up the sky on game nights with team colours, bringing the city to life.

Below is a 3D image of developments slated and proposed for the downtown core, modelled by Dleung (via SSP). While it’s both exciting and possibly worrying for residents on some fronts, the skyline is certainly going viagra lowest price to continue changing and adding glamour to this already gorgeous view of the busy Vancouver city landscape.

It really is true! If you build it, they will come!!